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  • I love it

    29 12.45%
  • I like it

    49 21.03%
  • I am not sure

    17 7.30%
  • I don't care

    39 16.74%
  • I don't like it

    44 18.88%
  • I hate it

    26 11.16%
  • I am still using Firefox 3.6

    13 5.58%
  • I don't use Firefox

    16 6.87%
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Thread: Do you like Firefox rapid release model?

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    Re: Do you like Firefox rapid release model?

    Mozilla claims Firefox 9 is up to 30% faster than Firefox 8:

    That's awesome.

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    Re: Do you like Firefox rapid release model?

    No, I do not like it.

    Every computer headache (and days of lost time in my life) has come from updates. I wish I could sue each and every programmer that has removed great sections of my life because they think their next idea is Sooo great.

    But I can't and the best I can do is let a few programers know how I feel and I say:

    Stop it!

    Stop wasting my time putting out what you think is greater than sliced bread which only ends up creating days of down time for me. Firefox was recommended as the greatest new thing by a friend years ago, I tried it, it hurt my eyes there was so much garbage loaded onto it that it locked my screen and I have removed it from every computer that it was automatically loaded with since then. The biggest reason I ran away from Firefox is because of Thunderbird, it is a terrible email client and I refuse to ever use it again.

    I am especially upset that Sea Monkey has been taken over by this company. I love Sea Monkey, it is simple as a browser can get and it works without updates every five seconds. Gah! I'm gonna have to look out for a new browser AGAIN!

    Just Stop it, please.

    I know this is a poor economy and you need an excuse to employ people, but it just ends up wasting my time (including writing this). I am more afraid of logging on to the internet for what some update might put onto my computer than any spam or site virus. I am moving away from Windows because all the updates mess with me, so why on Earth do I want to find the same thing happening with Ubuntu and Linux!?!?!

    Oh and just so everyone knows, I will most likely not be back to fend off comments. I just do not have the time. This is *just my opinion* and you do not need to respond negatively to it. I only post it here in hopes that one, maybe two programers start to comprehend the feelings of those who receive their garbage out and have very few venues to voice our displeasure at loosing days to stripping off harmful software and clean installing something that works.

    Please, I beg programers to just stop it.

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    Re: Do you like Firefox rapid release model?

    Old thread closed.

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