I am currently trying to move data off of our Windows 2000 server machine onto Ubuntu 10.04 server box. I initially tried using DeltaCopy/Rsync on Windows to move the data to the Ubuntu server. It would run for about an hour or 2 and then the Ubuntu server would fold, the storage location would become unresponsive and the whole system would stop working properly. I would get IO errors across the console window. So I thought maybe it was Windows causing the problem so I moved storage into the Ubuntu server and did Rsync and got the same results. I ran it from the command line and got an error of Bus error. Not much to go on and maybe I can get some help with hunting down what is causing the issue.

The servers are HP G3 ML370... old servers but they still run
Both have raid systems using 3ware 9550SX cards. The old Windows system has 3, 1 Terabyte drives and the new Ubuntu 10.04 system has 3, 2 Terabyte drives. They are P4 Xeon servers so only using i386 version of Ubuntu. The Rysnc always works for a while but tanks after a couple of hours... using cp to copy the information doesn't seem to cause any problems as I ran this for a day or so and didn't have any issues.