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Thread: Mogwai (aka Linux Mint Sid)

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    Restore old Nautilus Delete-key

    Restoring the old Delete key behavior. This isn't my fix, and I've seen it on other blogs & articles but the last time I tried it would not work. This method did.

    Stolen from the Arch forum

    Quick fix:
    Run dconf-editor, and open:
    org -> gnome -> desktop -> interface
    Enable "can-change-accels".
    Open nautilus, select any file/directory, then click "Edit" from menubar, and hover on "Move to Trash" menuitem.
    While hovering, click on your delete key. The accel should change from "cntrl+del" to "del".
    Make sure you have selected a file, else the "Move to Trash" menuitem will be greyed out.
    I suggest you disable "can-change-accels" afterwards, to prevent accidental accel changes.
    If it didn't work create an empty folder ~/.gnome2/accels & try again.
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