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Thread: Some trouble with 8 Powerbook G4's

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    Lightbulb Some trouble with 8 Powerbook G4's

    Hello All,

    I'm somewhat of a novice and am trying to get some tips. I work at an urban high school in Austin, Texas, and am trying to get eight 10 year old Powerbook G4's to a point where they are able to perform two functions; run Open Office and use firefox with a wireless connection. These will be used for projects in our biology lab. The computers were donated by a local university, and had their hard drives wiped before arriving. I've attempted to install ubuntu on all 8.

    Of the 8;

    3 work fine

    2 have "triple vision". The screens are fuzzy and there are 3 of every image. I imagine that could be a hardware issue, but really have no idea.

    1 computer tells me, during the Detect Disk part of the 'install video=ofonly' install, that no disk drive was detected, and asks me to select it from a list... the list is long

    The other two computers have become my personal nemesis and I will deal with them as I please.

    Any advice?


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    Re: Some trouble with 8 Powerbook G4's

    You might want to try MintPPC.
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    Re: Some trouble with 8 Powerbook G4's

    Maybe the 2 with the triple vision just need an xorg.conf file setting up? That is quite a common fix.

    The hard drive one, erm has it got a hard drive? Is one detected when you boot a live cd? Annoyingly, some people have had to use an old version of ubuntu to get there hard drives detected. I don't know if that is it. I think that problem is something to do with if the drive had been formatted in hfs+. I would check with a live cd first.

    What version on ubuntu are you using?

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