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Thread: Remote Authenticaiton / Login ~ LDAP - Kerberos

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    Remote Authenticaiton / Login ~ LDAP - Kerberos

    I am interested learning about networks in Linux and prefer to use Ubuntu. I hope the title is reflects what I really need to know. If not sorry about that.

    I have an requirement, it is to have a server to handle authenticaition of users so generally users can use that server to use specific services such as login (to linux), mail (postfix) and perhaps a file server (to hold user data, lets say what we have on /home/[username])

    I did some reading, and it looks like I will need LDAP and Kerberos. But I couldn't get a good understanding on how to practically deploy such a service.

    I would be obliged if some you guys can give me some guidelines on how to achieve my goal. Topics I need to read, books I could refer would be a plus.

    To tell you some thing about me, I am not a *NIX guy, my knowledge is kinda just above basic.

    I am using an updated Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS, is it a bad idea? Should I go for Ubuntu latest. Ubuntu 11.04 kind of got stuck after an update.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Remote Authenticaiton / Login ~ LDAP - Kerberos

    Here's a small list of things to get you started in the right direction:

    OpenLDAP - Directory services, package to install is slapd
    Samba - File server for Windows clients, package is samba
    NFS - File server for Linux clients, package is nfs-kernel-server
    Postfix - package is postfix, great tutorials here:
    OpenSSH - Remote management, package is openssh-server

    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is preferable for production servers, but for testing and/or learning, it really doesn't matter.

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