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Thread: Confused--Removing Ubuntu from Mac?! (For a Dummy)

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    Confused--Removing Ubuntu from Mac?! (For a Dummy)

    Hi everybody,

    I'd appreciate anything anybody can give me, re: advice. I'm in a bind.

    Here's what happened: recently I wanted to run an .exe program on my Mac. I'm not a computer whiz, and as I tend to do, I proceeded to ignorantly wade through the internet, finding and following various tutorials, haphazardly attempting to install Ubuntu so that I might run a Windows program.

    Honestly, I don't even remember what happened. But now on my Mac menu bar there is a diagonal arrow and when I click on the arrow I get an Ubuntu menu with a list of where I assume programs would be if I had installed Ubuntu correctly.

    I've read on the forum here and elsewhere but I can't find the appropriate answer. Other people removing Ubuntu seem to be way more computer literate than me. When I open Disk Utility I don't see any Ubuntu partitions (that I know of.)

    My question is how do I remove/uninstall Ubuntu or whatever it is I installed without harming my computer? Any advice would be enormously appreciated. I'm afraid I might have ruined my hard drive (haven't seen any evidence of this, but am wary of it anyhow.)


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    (Hopefully these pictures I attached will help!)
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    Re: Confused--Removing Ubuntu from Mac?! (For a Dummy)

    I'm assuming you installed Ubuntu so you could use Wine? Wine also has a Mac version to run Windows programs.

    What's under the partitions tab of the second screenshot?
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    Re: Confused--Removing Ubuntu from Mac?! (For a Dummy)

    What it looks like from that first screenshot is that you are running Ubuntu in VMWare or Parallells, especially as there are no other partitions in Disk Utility.

    Do you have to reboot your computer to load Ubuntu? Or do you "run" it by clicking an icon in the dock. If it is the former, then it is installed on a partition that we cannot see for some reason. If it is the ladder, than it is as easy as removing it from Parallells/VMWare.

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