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Thread: Transfer of Data from PC to Mac using Ubuntu

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    Exclamation Transfer of Data from PC to Mac using Ubuntu

    I'm sorry if I don't explain this very well. It's difficult when you don't entirely understand what your trying to say. Here's my shot at it. Recently I had a situation where I had to transfer data from a PC to a Mac. Usually we simply convert the data as necessary, ie. bookmarks, contacts, etc. move the info to a dropbox account and use Windows networking to access the dropbox from a Mac. Well, there was a network issue and it was suggested that I boot to Ubuntu and do this. We do have Ubuntu on a flash drive but I was lost from there. Can anyone point me in the direction of documentation or assist me in understanding how this would be accomplished? I have a Mac, PC and Linux box at home so hopefully I have all the necessary tools to test this out. Thanks very much.

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    Re: Transfer of Data from PC to Mac using Ubuntu

    Not a MAC user but I believe if you install samba-server on your Linux box your MAC should be able to see your shares.

    To get a terminal command to put its output into a file use this format
    {terminal command} > {filename}

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    Re: Transfer of Data from PC to Mac using Ubuntu

    If your Ubuntu flash drive is bootable (as in LiveCD style), you can boot to the flash drive and use Ubuntu to transfer your stuff. So, assuming you have a bootable Ubuntu flash drive, stick the flash drive into your computer, then reboot and choose USB as your first boot device (but don't install Ubuntu, I believe the option is "try ubuntu". This will get you into Ubuntu running off of USB. Then go to "Places" in the top left, select your computer's hard drive, then start copying files.

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