I'm new to Ubuntu and have been searching and searching and haven't been able to find anything that solves my issues, so I hope for some help.

I upgraded from Ubuntu 9.x to 10.04 using the upgrade feature within Ubuntu. It worked great, but then I decided to do some stuff with partitions and thought I'd wipe it clean and start with a fresh install...that's where the trouble started. Any new Ubuntu CD I used just ended up with a weird screen that started with white and faded to black After several failed attempts with fixes when installing 10.04 directly from the .iso downloaded from Ubuntu, I instead reinstalled Ubuntu 9.x and upgraded using the upgrade manager (A painful process because I have such a slow internet connection and an old, slow computer). I'd like to be able to just have a CD that will allow me to re-install Ubuntu as it is currently configured on my machine. I have a Dell Inspiron 8000 and apparently there is some graphics card issue with the GRUB or something like that? So I assume my current GRUB in 10.04 is set appropriately for my system and I'd like to be able to use it for future re-installs.

In a related issue, I want to make some changes to my partitions. Ubuntu is only running on 10 GB partition and the other partition is empty. I want to make a boot disk that will allow me to run GParted or something else that will allow me to expand the Ubuntu partition into the unused 30 GB partition. The problem is that all the tips say to use a Live CD and then unmount the partition and expand it with GParted. The problem is that that won't work due to the issue described above. Thus I found a tip about creating a Bootable Grub disk. This sort-of worked, but it just created a black screen with a command line, which is not something I know how to operate to accomplish what I need. (My memories of DOS commands are faint and I never really knew UNIX commands well)

I'd like to create a CD that would allow me to backup/reinstall my system as it currently exists on my computer so that I don't have to deal with installing Ubuntu 9 only to then upgrade and re-install all my software again. Is that possible? Is there also some way that I could expand my partition, possibly by using this disk and then using GParted?

Thanks for any and all help!!!