I'm in a real spot of trouble you see, I was playing with the Ubuntu side of my laptop, and I was looking a tweaks for it. I saw a program called BURG, Juts the pretty themed version of Grub I guess. Any who. I installed it, Terminal reported no problems. I decided to restart because of other changes I made. Now every time i start up my laptop, It tells me:

"GRUB loading.
error : no such device : 572b8468-634b-42dc-be03-287f3a4d0bcf.
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>_"

Any help? My laptop is an Acer Aspire D255, Single Core atom N450, with a Hitachi HTS545012B9A300 HDD, There are two operating systems. Ubuntu 10.10 (personally my favorite.) and Windows Seven Home Premuim.

What I'd like to do is save the Windows Side if I can. Or both. But Mainly windows for my iTunes.

Please please help me! I might give you a Cookie