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Thread: Fonts problem in LibreOffice

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    Re: Fonts problem in LibreOffice

    Quote Originally Posted by Desd View Post
    Well, that would explain it too. Thanks for your effort, but unfortunatly, my deadline for my project and my aesthetic ambitions can not co-exist. I will for now stop trying to get this font in my project, hand over the result and enjoy my holiday. If I get it back to work as it should, I'll report here.
    Thanks again!
    Dear Desd (, Hagar, bapoumba)

    I don't know whether the present message will be useful, but I managed to solve a similar problem I encountered three weeks ago. I searched and found an OpenType font file and installed it, using the Font Viewer via Nautilus. Similar behaviour as described by you: the font was visible under The Gimp but not under LibreOffice. However, the font file name lacked the extention ".otf" (a detail I neglected until today). Today, I de-installed the font, changed the file name by appending ".otf" to it and repeated the installation procedure, and this time LibreOffice also notices the presence of the font. Note: I run Ubuntu 11.04 and have LO 3.3.3-1ubuntu2 at this moment.
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    Re: Fonts problem in LibreOffice

    In Ubuntu 12.04 I did the following:

    1. Renamed the Type1 files such that the suffix became lower case, that is, .afm and .pfb rather than .AFM and .PFB.

    2. Put the files under /usr/share/fonts/, in my case two levels beneath /usr/share/fonts.

    3. Made sure the files were readable

    4. Ran "sudo fc-cache -f -v"

    Then, I shut down OpenOffice, started it again, and everything worked fine. The Type1 fonts were also visible is LibreOffice.
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    Re: Fonts problem in LibreOffice

    Hi, this is an old thread so it has been closed, thanks for sharing.

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