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Thread: question about a dual xeon server

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    question about a dual xeon server

    my buddy bought a used NEC express desktop-like server that has dual XEON 604 sockets and 6 hotswap scsi drives it only came with 1 CPU/HeatSink and 1 of 2 power supply's they are modular cartridge like PSU's and slide out from the back

    i dont currently have acess to it while hes out of town i think it is a NEC Express 5800/120Lh but im not 100% sure but i just came across 2 2.8ghz Gallatin xeon chips wich i picked up for free anyway and i also have like 8x512mb DDR ECC ram and 5 scsi drives to fill the emty slots/bays (they sold it to him with 1gb ram and no drives) and was wondering if the second PSU was needed to run all that ram/SCSI/dual CPU's?

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    Re: question about a dual xeon server

    Those power supplies are usually just redundant so if one fails the other continues.

    If you just have one it may continuously beep. How many Watts were they.. Plug the server in an APC and see how mant watts it's using?

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