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Thread: Best set up for video editing.

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    Best set up for video editing.


    I like Ubuntu alot and I'm mostly dedicated to free software and I have a bit of a web show. I am thinking of doing a fresh install of Ubuntu and I was wondering what was the best way to get the most out of Ubuntu when it comes to video editing. Ubuntu always seems..... crappy when it comes to video editing, I've heard it's because of the watered down video codecs. But I have updated my ffmpeg and abunch of other stuff but most video editors are still very buggy when it comes to encoding. Anyways. My question is does anyone know of a Ubuntu based distro that is VERY good for video editing? Or a sure fire guide that will make it where most video editors will work correctly?

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    Re: Best set up for video editing.

    I would skip "most video editors." I have found that Cinelerra works a treat, if you are prepared to spend a few hours going through tutorials. Cinelerra for Grandma is an excellent web site, and there are many tutorials on Youtube.

    If you want a simple solution, begin with the latest Ubuntu, then install the "restricted extras."

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