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Installing ubuntu 12.04 daily build on macbook air 4 is almost out of box. (the minor issue is my backlight keyboard didn't work and the battery life is just ok)
By default, Unity use fourfinger tap to bring up Dash. However, after in gnome shell, fourfinger tap cannot bring up overview. Is there anyone know how to set fourfinger-tap equal the command key (superkey)?


I have found a solution, but it is not that elegant...
You can install touchegg and start it from the command line. Only problem is (at least with my laptop) that it segfaults most of the times that I try to start it, but after 5-10 times it starts without faults.
If that works you can edit ~/.config/touchegg/touchegg.conf to make 4 finger swipe.

I removed most 3 and 4 finger stuff from my config file and put in:
<gesture type="DRAG" fingers="3" direction="ALL">
    <action type="DRAG_AND_DROP">BUTTON=1</action>
<gesture type="DRAG" fingers="4" direction="UP">
    <action type="SEND_KEYS">Super</action>

<gesture type="DRAG" fingers="4" direction="DOWN">
    <action type="SHOW_DESKTOP"></action>
This enables 3 finger drag n drop, 4 finger swipe up is Super key -> shell overview, 4 finger swipe down is Show desktop.

Here -link- are all actions supported by Touchegg.

Hope this will help you out a bit...