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power usage. Is it me or is Oneiric running like a hog? powertop says my laptop's battery is discharging at > 19W/hour when the system is idling. Previously on Natty it was at 7-10W/hour depending on settings. What gives? A solution to this issue might also help reduce the fan noise.
No, it's not your imagination. Battery life under Linux is around half that on OS X, and powertop gives similar results for me. I've made some basic attempts towards tuning power usage using powertop, but only managed to shave a couple of watts at the cost of reducing network throughput by a factor of 10: not a great tradeoff.

There have been some pretty nasty power regressions in Linux recently, and they're probably at the heart of the problem. If your interested, Phoronix has had several articles exploring the matter in depth. There are a few suggested kernel patches drifting around the internet, but I'll just stay close to a power outlet for now - three hours battery life is generally sufficient for me.