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Thread: MacBookAir4,1 & MacBookAir4,2 (MBA 2011) support

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    Re: MacBookAir4,1 & MacBookAir4,2 (MBA 2011) support

    Go read this post.

    I tried to resize my partition scheme and somehow borked my partition table in such a way that gptsync would not resync the table. I decided to use the mac recovery firmware app and just wipe every partition and reinstall. Also, I was curious about how this would work.

    The only problem I had was that my home internet was apparently too slow causing the download to stall (I have a 10mbit pipe so I don't know why this was a problem). When this happens the re-download does not resume. Eventually I just gave up and brought it to work.

    Otherwise I think the web-based restore is very impressive. Assuming you have a moderately fast wan connection it takes 60min to download the iso and maybe another 15 of install. My home connection uses WPA2-personal and my work uses WPA2-enterprise. Both worked fine.

    Now that I've done this a *second* time I need to clarify my earlier comments.
    1) The web recovery actually has two stages (at most).

    2) Either the formating step or the installation of grub that comes with oneiric alpha-3 live does something very bad to the partition table. Avoid using it until this is resolved (I had previously thought it was partitioning that caused the problem but I eliminated this by using disk utility).

    1) The first stage is nothing more than a cheesy graphic (of an eerily distorted earth) and a pull-down menu from which you can select from either WPA or WPA2-personal wireless networks. Apparently this stage downloads the software that will be used in setting up Lion (second stage). The download takes about 10-15min on my 10mbps connection.

    The second stage has a more complete GUI (menu-bar, windows, etc) from which you can choose a greater variety of wireless networks, i.e., WEP and WPA2-personal/enterprise encryption (more details). This stage allows for time machine restores, Lion re-installation, online help, and the disk utility. This (Lion) download takes ~2hours on my 10mbps followed by a ~15min install.

    2) I have now borked my partition tables twice while following the exact same procedure I outlined in an earlier post. The only difference is that this time I was using oneiric alpha-3. I believe the fault lies with gparted. I recommend that you use disk utility to do all your partitioning and then reformat from the ubuntu installer. My layout is:
    40gb HFS+ "Mac OS"
    60gb MSDOS "Linux Home"
    16gb MSDOS "Linux Root"
    4.5gb MSDOS "Linux Swap"
    which I will then format the MSDOS partitions to ext4,ext4,swap. Note: I used 4.5gb to be absolutely sure there is enough room for swapping out all RAM (I do not know if there is overhead hence the extra 512mb).
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