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Thread: Kindle won't download books

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    Kindle won't download books

    I've been running Kindle for PC through WINE for some months now without a problem. Just recently bought a book, and every time I try to download the new book I get a message that the book can't be downloaded. However, I can download and read the new book on my Windows partition.

    I can't imagine what might have changed to cause this. It's worked flawlessly before. And I have no idea how to troubleshoot. Is it possible that WINE or Kindle is corrupted somehow? Should I delete and start over?

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    Re: Kindle won't download books

    I'm not sure about the kindle.. i have a nook.. but don't you d'l books off a wireless connection?

    I use Calibre to upload books to my nook and I know it works on the kindle as well.. It's a linux program, so no need for wine.

    It recognizes the book as a usb drive and lets me move books right onto it.


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