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Thread: Make Digikam reload metadata?

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    Make Digikam reload metadata?

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this -- photo software.
    I have been using DigiKam for a while now, and now that my photo collection has 10,000 some photos, I figure I ought to start tagging them before it gets really out of hand. I am not particularly fond of the DigiKam tagging interface, so I tried to use Geeqie to tag my photos and write the tags to the XMP keywords field, thinking that Digikam would read the metadata and tag my photos accordingly. I have confirmed that Geeqie is indeed writing the tags to the metadata of the photos, but there seems to be no way to get digikam to reload the metadata for files already in its library. Is there any way to make digikam see these tags written by another application, short of re-importing all my photos?
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    Re: Make Digikam reload metadata?

    Having the same problem, i used menu: [Album -> Reread Metadata from Images]. It did the trick!

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