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Thread: indicator applet shows nothing, shutdown/restart broken

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    Exclamation indicator applet shows nothing, shutdown/restart broken

    For reasons that I do not understand, the xfce indicator applet has stopped working. It's not visible, so I cannot see thinks like the wireless applet.

    I can't find anything from searching the net.

    I suspect that it has something to do with dbus.

    Perhaps it's related, but whenever I choose to shutdown or restart, it now goes back to the GDM login screen instead. I've had this problem before on earlier Ubuntu distros, but I don't remember how to fix it.

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    Re: indicator applet shows nothing, shutdown/restart broken

    Is there anything of relevance in your ~/.xsession-errors file?

    The issue about shutdown/restart going back to a login screen is a known (albeit intermittent for some) bug. It is being worked on upstream.

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    Re: indicator applet shows nothing, shutdown/restart broken

    It may have somehow been removed from the panel. Try right-clicking on the panel and select "Add New items..." from the resulting context menu, then scroll down the list to the "Notification Area" listing, and drag its icon to the panel. That should install it, and if it had been removed should solve your problem. If it's visible but still doesn't work, then I have no other suggestion...
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