Hey Everybody,

I have a quick question about Runescape. This has probably been brought up before on the forums, but I didn't see a thread with my issue. I'm trying to run Runescape on the RS Client (found on the website). I can start up the program (using wine) but whenever I actually get into the game, it is the most laggy and buggiest thing I have ever seen. I want to play the game in High Definition, which is what it is in, but if I can't I guess it is understandable. Sound-wise it is great, nice and crisp music; but on video it's not. Currently, like I said, it's in High Def Custom with the 'Software' display mode. I've tried the DirectX, makes it even more laggy/buggy; and even tried OpenGL? but it didn't work. I have a nice computer, I know it's able to play RS, but I think this has to do with components installed or something.

Anyway, I'd appreciate the help and I thank you in advance.