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Thread: 10.04 alternate install fails - incompatible kernel modules

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    10.04 alternate install fails - incompatible kernel modules

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 from hard disk, using Ubuntu 10.04.2 alternate iso and files dedicated to install from hard disk (vmlinuz and initrd from this mirror:
    But these files are for Ubuntu 10.04 "gold master" (released in April, 2010) and I'm using Ubuntu 10.04. I can't install Ubuntu 10.04.(2) because installation fails on loading kernel modules (there are incompatible, kernel and initrd are for 10.04, but modules are for 10.04.2)
    Probably there are two solutions:
    1) initrd and vmlinuz dedicated for Ubuntu 10.04.2 (files from iso archive that I have downloaded does not work)
    2) Ubuntu 10.04 alternate iso "gold master". I looked in Google for mirrors with this file, but I didn't find (only 10.04.2)
    Does anyone have link to download Ubuntu 10.04 i386 alternate "gold master"?

    Please don't ask me about booting from pendrive. My notebook doesn't support this method.
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