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Thread: Postfix - Virtual Alias - To: changes to undisclosed-recipients

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    Postfix - Virtual Alias - To: changes to undisclosed-recipients

    I have set up postfix with mysql and virtual domains as per

    I'm using Ubuntu Server 10.04 with the latest updates.

    All good so far, I can send and receive mail.

    I want to forward all emails for some domains to a single mailbox for a group mail system, however I also want the mail delivered to the original recipient.

    eg RCPT TO: <>

    would be delivered to and

    I have inserted an alias record as follows:


    There are 2 problems:
    1. The mail is only delivered to
    [EDIT:] If I create a new entry above as mail:, it nearly works - I get the original mail to, but 2 copies of the email to

    2. The recipient appears as "To: undisclosed-recipients:;"
    [EDIT:] This seems to happen for all emails, regardless of forwarding. I wonder if it's a proplem with my raw mail RCPT TO: command?
    [EDIT:] This can be fixed by supplying a To: "person name" <> line in the data section

    Because it's a group mail system, we need to know who the mail was originally addressed to, so we need that To: to appear as it did in the original email.

    Is virtual aliasing the right thing to use here?

    If so how can I make it deliver to the original recipient, and include that address in the forwarded message?
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    Re: Postfix - Virtual Alias - Duplicated at recipient

    So my issue now is that the alias recipient receives 2 copies.

    I found the recipient_bcc_maps option which does something similar to what I want, but postfix was still duplicating the copied mail.

    This looks similar to my problem:

    So I disabled amavis in
    #content_filter = amavis:[]:10024

    And it now works as required, 1 message to original recipient, 1 to

    I would really like to use amavis - Is there a way to configure it so it doesn't filter both the original and the bcc?

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    Re: Postfix - Virtual Alias - To: changes to undisclosed-recipients

    Use above + bcc_recipient_maps rather than a virtual alias.


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