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Thread: System 76 Academic Purchase Justification Letter

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    System 76 Academic Purchase Justification Letter

    Dear System 76,

    I recently started a new position at an academic institution in which I requested that I be given a System 76 Leopard Extreme for work. My mentor immediately agreed to this. Because the institution has deals in place with other vendors, however, they would like me to write a few sentences explaining why I prefer this machine over others. Could you please help me by providing me with a few reasons why this product is unique, i.e., no comparable systems are available through other vendors. I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you.
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    Re: System 76 Academic Purchase Justification Letter

    Complete & guaranteed Ubuntu support, of course! I assume that's why you want a System 76 in the first place. Imagine the headaches if they gave you something with weird hardware that you had to fight Ubuntu onto.

    There's also the personal desire to support your favoured organisations like System 76 and Canonical, or open-source software in general. This may not be something to include in an official plea for a decent machine, though - you'd expect them to want to hear about practical advantages after all.
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    Re: System 76 Academic Purchase Justification Letter

    Excellent build quality, components, and power efficient with the 80+ efficiency PSU. Save the institution some money. Wish we could get them in Australia (laptops that is, build my own desktops).

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