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Thread: Nvidia GPU support on N53SV

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    Nvidia GPU support on N53SV

    I'm running ubuntu on an N53SV as of yesterday and I have had various problems, but most of them were, i think, due to a crappy install disc. I ended up with a working and non-instantly-overheating install of 11.04 but minecraft (lol minecraft) wasn't running at all and java was all messed up. I tried to mess with the nvidia drivers and ended up sort of breaking my x server. I could barely get it working again so I "downgraded" to 10.04 and everything works fine, EXCEPT for 3D acceleration. I'm basing this off of the fact that minecraft runs at 4 FPS. Four!

    On my desktop and this laptop I've tried installing the proprietary and open source drivers and it's been messy and difficult. On a fresh install what is the best first step in installing the right driver the right way?

    Currently nothing shows up under the hardware drivers utility, my xorg.conf file somehow doesn't exist (?), and under synaptic I have a bunch of nvidia packages installed but I don't think they're "activated."

    EDIT: Additionally, angry birds plays at like 2 FPS. I reinstalled OpenJDK and IcedTea but it's still like this. Is this a java or a graphics problem? Is there any way to check?

    ....not that I play angry birds.
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