I need help installing a usb wireless adapter onto a Natty system.

Wireless device is a Netgear WNA1000M-100ENS new from box with mini-CD that contains windows drivers
Computer: HP Compaq dc7600 (minitower) that is connected to internet through cable until I get the wireless working.

Environment: Natty Narwhal (11.04) (completely updated) on one partition, and Windows XP on another partition. USB device is installed and working great on the Windows partition. Now I just need to get it working on Natty.

What I've done so far... Installed ndisgtk in Natty to use as a windows driver "wrapper". But the thread that led me to do this gives command examples that require a windows driver file of the "*.inf" type. I can't find any .inf files in my working windows directory. They are all *.exe or dll files. Can anybody help me with the next step? As far as the linux command line goes, I'm a newbie. Thanks in advance for any help.