Hello guys, I am all new to Linux (just a week) and I have been given this task of installing openvswitch in Ubuntu, I have completed most of the stuff but I am stuck in a step because I don't know How to build bridging support (CONFIG_BRIDGE) as a kernel module.

I am facing the following error:
ERROR: Module bridge does
not exist in /proc/modules

Openvswitch FAQ says:
If "/sbin/rmmod bridge" fails with "ERROR: Module bridge does
not exist in /proc/modules"
, then the bridge is compiled into
the kernel, rather than as a module. Open vSwitch does not
support this configuration (see "Build Requirements").

Build Requirements:
The Open vSwitch datapath requires bridging support
(CONFIG_BRIDGE) to be built as a kernel module
. (This is common
in kernels provided by Linux distributions.) The bridge module
must not be loaded or in use. If the bridge module is running
(check with "lsmod | grep bridge"), you must remove it ("rmmod
bridge") before starting the datapath.

So, what to do now?

Any help will be highly appreciated,