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Thread: Repair Win 7 Registry with wine?

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    Repair Win 7 Registry with wine?

    Hi all,

    I have tried following these instructions to repair my windows registry but there is one problem: I cannot find a backup of the broken registry in my Win 7 (x64, with Ubuntu 9.04) partition. I do not have a /repair folder and there is nothing in system volume information.

    The registry or broken file, whatever, is called
    I tried to copy all the file in the system32/config folder and that one failed.

    Is there maybe some sort of software to repair the registry which can be used in wine? I looked on the wine appdb and found a couple of registry cleaners but I think they just remove unwanted registry entries.

    any help, useful links etc are hugely appreciated, I really want to get my Windows working (not cos i like it!), I only reinstalled it a week ago and it crapped out on me already and I had installed a load of stuff on it, do not want to go through that again so soon!


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    Re: Repair Win 7 Registry with wine?

    after my ubuntu partitions crapped out on me I realized the actual problem was the HDD!

    So no worries although it would be useful to have more threads on fixing windows using ubuntu.

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    Re: Repair Win 7 Registry with wine?

    try get hold of a ERD commander cd

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