I've decided to start capturing my pictures in RAW format and edit them using Darktable. My problem is my old workstation monitor which is hard to get calibrated. The other day, I saw my pictures on an iMac and they looked totally different from what I see on my Dell Monitor.

I'm going to use this monitor for my coding, image editing, movie watching and surfing the web.

My budget for this monitor is $200-$400 and anything between 22"-24" should be fine. Having an HDMI port is a must and it would be nice if the monitor has a flexible stand. I don't really need built-in speakers, as I'm not planning to connect a gaming console to it and I have separate speakers.

I've purchased an Asus router based on someone's recommendation on this forum and I'm very happy with my purchase after two years of using it.

So do you have any recommendations for monitor?