I bought this mobo to upgrade my work machine to a core i5 but right from the start I've regreted. I didn't know nothing about efi and found the hard way than none of the live cds I've got worked. Finaly I found an efi capable distro (10.10 64 bits) and I managed to install it but the intel gpu got me crazy. I wasn't able to set visual efects up. Screen saver hangs the whole pc. I cannot boot in graphics mode. My working xconf.org file was deleted each time I boot. I chmod -x so now it stands but doesn't seem to be read on boot. I must boot in recovery mode and then restart gdm in order to get my desktop up & running. The log file for xorg states that X crashed with a segmentation fault (glibc.6). If someone had this problem or knows something on how to solve it I will really thank.