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Thread: MP3 to MIDI converter?

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    Re: MP3 to MIDI converter?

    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaLexman View Post
    I did find a command line potential option...
    That records MIDI instructions into a MIDI file. Not audio.

    What the OP expects to happen just isn't possible. At best, it's recording the output of a guitar tuner. If you've ever used a guitar tuner, you know how rubbish that's going to be.
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    Re: MP3 to MIDI converter?

    Quote Originally Posted by CatKiller View Post
    What the OP expects to happen just isn't possible.
    I know that... But does the OP ??

    I simply found arecordmidi via
    apropos midi
    Without knowing the full structure of the program !!
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    Re: MP3 to MIDI converter?

    This post would have better chances to get more answers in the ubuntustudio subforum.

    As to the original question: the OP is right, the music recognition problem is improving a lot lately (well, the solution of the problem). Poliphonic music is still a chalenge, but monophonic melodies are nowadays accurately recognised by several (win2) programs out there. I've heard that band in a box does a surprisingly good job even with moderate polyphony (among posibly other programs, I don't mean to be exhaustive).

    I'm afraid there is not a free/libre program for that (I'm not aware at least). But you can try some of the win2 programs under wine. Look for example here.

    Just a word of caution: don't expect marvels. Music recognition is a very hard problem. Nothing to do with midi to audio conversion, as mentioned in previous posts.
    EDIT: also, don't expect to extract a clean score: small tempo innacuracies when playing, or on purpose rubatos, will be interpreted as semidemiquarvers (or so). Expect to do a fair amount of manual editing (with musescore or whatever) before getting a musician-readable score.
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    Re: MP3 to MIDI converter?

    There is, in fact, a very good program for extracting amazingly accurate midi or lilypond scores from any arbitrary mp3: it is in your brain, it is called your auditory sense. Be prepared, however, because learning to use that program effectively can be a lifelong thing

    That's the ticket: you have to listen to the file, over and over, and guess at its structure until your guess is pretty much spot on with the original, that is how musicians have learned their craft since like forever, so don't shy away from it, it is a good skill to have, I wish my skill at it was better, but then, every musician will say the same.

    And if this is a program that every musician will say they cannot yet do perfectly, you can bet that no mere windows machine is going to get very far. However ...

    I have a recommendation for not-free but very cheap software that goes a long way towards helping you make better guesses as to what it is you are hearing on the recording, the Transcribe! program from SeventhString Software -- I won't bore you with details here because I've already bored everyone with details over at my review on my blog.

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    Re: MP3 to MIDI converter?

    0 down vote I BELIEVE THIS POST WILL BE HELPFUL I wanted to be able to hum, whistle, play ,......etc with whatever form create a wav file, and convert it to midi in order to use the notation and intensity for an sound my instance for use in after 4 hours of searching and tinkering i have found a way to do so..
    *Find a program called TS audio to midi, (for windows) the program isnt free so i found it at my favorite t.....o.rrent site.
    *Install Ts audio to midi with wine (add your serial that you purchased like a good consumer) *Install autotalent or in fedora use su -c 'yum install ladspa-autotalent-plugins'. (auto talent is a feree autotune plugin that can be used wherever, im using it in audacity)the auto tune is by no means nec. but could help
    *record your track, i use mono in this instance to reduce confusion, like i stated, im using audacity. at this point you can use autotalent under effects to smooth it out if you would like.
    *export as wav
    *Import wav into ts audio to midi, convert to midi and save, (this process will take you looking at the gui to understand but its easy to comprehend,
    *open any software that imports midi.and import your new midi file.
    i am using lmms so i imported the midi into the song editor. (make sure you have a soundfont) found the instrument i wanted in soundfont player inside lmms and there you go.. the sequence isnt quite perfect of course. but this process can be used to get a fairly close midi track....then you can just open a piano roll and edit a little bit....hell yeah.

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    Re: MP3 to MIDI converter?

    Hi, thanks for the contribution but please don't copy text from other pages. A link is a better way.

    But... the thread is old, and the contents is likely to be obsolete. 1,5 years is a lot in the software world, so closing.
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