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Thread: Problems dual boot, Help!!

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    Re: Problems dual boot, Help!!

    What happend was:

    - windows 7 was installed and present in a big HD of 500gb that was not partitioned.
    - I started installing Ubuntu. I choose to extract 2gb from the 500gb for swap, but during the partitioning something went wrong and the system crashed.
    - I re-booted and the partition was now labeled as unknown.
    - I continued the installation of Ubuntu partitioning this unknown partition in 2gb swap and 100gb for Ubuntu.

    I don't remember whether when partitioning I chose swap and Ubuntu to go to the end of the unknown partition or not (but I think I did).

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    Re: Problems dual boot, Help!!

    Nothing has changed since a couple days ago right?

    From GParted, whether you are booted to Ubuntu installed on the hard disc or running from the installation media, you can right click on the windows partitions and see if mount is an option. If the partition is already mounted, unmount will be the option. Do you succeed in mounting any partitions not already mounted?

    Mounted partitions will show up in nautilus (the file manager) in ubuntu. Can you access any files that you need to recover in this manner? If so, I'd copy them to removable media.

    If at this point you do not have the files recovered that you need, you need to try recovery options. I don't know if that will be successful or not as it seems likely windows has been overwritten. There are programs that can take a look at the hard drive and possibly recover files. The testdisk and its companion photorec program might work. There are others that might work.

    It appears you made an error during the installation. Don't worry, you weren't the first nor will you be the last. It happens even though the installation screens are created to try and prevent that yet still give experienced users pretty complete control.

    Your partitions are not setup well right now. My recommendation is to recover anything important and possible to recover and then start over with a good plan. Would you like further help today with attempting recovery? If so, please answer my questions in this post and look back at the other posts and provide all the answers you can.
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