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To prepare two softwares which we can get from Software Center.

To make iso image -> data (readable only at this point) -> move the data to certain area at home folder -> unmount data -> delete iso image.

1. Brasero
We make iso image from data burned readable only DVD/CD
(Please don't delete iso image till all data has been copied to linux HDD)

2. Gmount-iso
We make data from iso image and move to certain area of home folder. Because unless we move the data, all data is under protection.
Furius ISO mount software might be better than Gmount-iso for further research when we have other than iso 9660+joilet format. We can get it from Software Center as well.

3. Once we moved extracted data to home folder , then we unmount the place to data extracted.
once we confirm unmount, then we can delete iso image that we created.