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Thread: Annoying problem with luckyBackup

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    Annoying problem with luckyBackup

    I am using luckyBackup to deploy my codes to stagging server in Ubuntu 10.04 with luckyBackup 0.35

    Recently, I install Ubuntu 11.04 in another PC and as usual, I install luckyBackup from Ubuntu Software Center. In the meantime, the luckyBackup is 0.4.4

    The annoying problem happened, every time when I rsync to the server, luckyBackup will show up the OPENSSH window to ask for password "twice or two times"!!

    It is really annoying because I need to enter the password again and again. I go to the luckyBackup site to download the 0.46 deb file, but failed to upgrade it in Ubuntu Software Center.

    Any suggestion ? should I upgrade and how can I upgrade ? or something I can do to stop the luckyBackup to ask me password twice ?
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