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Thread: ubuntu 11.04 intel graphics pixels messed up

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    ubuntu 11.04 intel graphics pixels messed up

    I just upgraded from ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 and now get some weird pixel bugs. I already found some threads about performance-issues with intel drivers but no problem really fit to me.
    I attached a screenshot, i guess it explains the problem most precisely. It's that mess in the background image combined with letters not beeing displayed correctly in every application, even in gnome itself. (So excuse misspellings, i can't really read what I'm typing)
    Thanks in advance for any help

    Edit: Might also be important to mention that the amoungh of those errors increase from time to time. Directly after the login, there are almost none and later on, it grows more and more until it gets impossible to see anything after ~15 min.
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    Re: ubuntu 11.04 intel graphics pixels messed up

    no answer...
    seems like either everyone in this forum including me is unable to solve that problem (or just too sick to post an answer) or ubuntu itself is unable to handle my computer. I dont care anymore, back to windows.


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