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Thread: Prioritizing in Ubuntu

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    Prioritizing in Ubuntu

    Hello All! =]
    I've just returned to Ubuntu 11.04 from Windows XP (I've had a tendency of late to flip-flop between the two on my Sony) The reason I switched to XP this time around was primarily for Netflix because to my knowledge, moonlight does not support DRM or some such thing. But then after a while I began to realize that it kind of impractical to just uproot and switch from one os to another like that for just one thing, which shortly after I learned that one thing may end up being supported on Chrome for linux some time in the future. Not my preferred browser, but beggars can't be choosers. Anyway, lets get back on track here. Back when my Sony still had Windows XP, When I would multi-task, everything seemed to run smoother than on Ubuntu. I used to be able to run at the same time: Handbrake, firefox(netflix, youtube & Facebook), & dvddecryptor all ran smooth at the same time. On Ubuntu they do not. Right now I am encoding a video on handbrake, typing up this new thread & I've got Facebook opened as well. I had youtube opened earlier, but it was jerky full screen, this was not the case under XP. I was wondering, before I make this any longer and possibly cause some suicides, lol, Does anyone here have a preferred flash source that they use? Or perhaps a program that would prioritize a bit better?

    Here are the specs of my Sony:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo t5250 @ 1.5ghz
    Ram: 2gb
    Graphics: Intel GM 965 Express
    OS: Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit

    Do I have enough ram in this puppy for the 64-bit OS?

    Many thanks for reading!

    Regards: Jim

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    Re: Prioritizing in Ubuntu

    Hi, open firefox go to tools click addons and install flashaid and follow the instructions it will fix all flash problems normally even in chrome with just this one install.

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