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Thread: HOW TO: Install Canon Pixma mx410 wireless printer

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    Re: HOW TO: Install Canon Pixma mx410 wireless printer

    Quote Originally Posted by texla View Post
    Yes you can - the tweaks are a bit technical that were on my first post but here they are again. They are not too bad but you do have to go into the terminal and type in the gksudo nautilus command. Then you use the browser that opens to find the etc folder, the cups folder, and edit the files inside with these tweaks. The result will never print higher than 600dpi and will also give you Grayscale and lower res options like 300 or 100 dpi. But they will all look like other printers in Ubuntu. So you choose your default printer after the tweaks are made. then whenever you want something different, you just choose the printer with the resolution you want. Here' s the original post with a few extra instructions below in case you need them:

    Go to admin - printers and duplicate the printer three or four times. Then in your terminal, enter the command: gksudo nautilus and go into the etc/cups/ppd and click on one of your duplicates and replace the paragraph that starts with the lines:
    *OpenUI *Resolution/Output Resolution...

    with all of the text below:

    *OpenUI *Resolution/Output Resolution: PickOne
    *DefaultResolution: 300
    *Resolution 100/100 dpi: "<</HWResolution[100 100]>>setpagedevice"
    *Resolution 300/300 dpi: "<</HWResolution[300 300]>>setpagedevice"
    *Resolution 600/600 dpi: "<</HWResolution[600 600]>>setpagedevice"
    *CloseUI: *Resolution

    *OpenUI *CNQuality/Quality: PickOne
    *DefaultCNQuality: 3
    *CNQuality 2/High: "2"
    *CNQuality 3/Normal: "3"
    *CNQuality 4/Standard: "4"
    *CloseUI: *CNQuality

    You can do this to each of them (although save your original printer just in case!) and then go in to the printer settings through admin again and set them to different levels - this will save lots of ink. I then renamed each printer as lo-res (100dpi normal quality), med-res (300 dpi normal quality) and hires (600 dpi high quality)

    And for a Grayscale setting - you can go to one of your duplicates from the printer settings and go to job options. Scroll down and where it says add. type CNGrayscale. Then TRUE where it asks for a field and apply. This printer you should rename to grayscale because it will always print in grayscale unless you go back in and change it to false. good luck!
    thank, I redid the whole process and now it works. I must have done something wrong the first time.

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    Re: HOW TO: Install Canon Pixma mx410 wireless printer

    Quote Originally Posted by JosephC View Post
    First, thanks to everyone for the help. But I think it would be wise to reiterate, perhaps more clearly, that wireless scanning is possible in Ubuntu with the MX410, but apparently only through the Canon Scangear Software (Scan Gear MP), which is available, tested, and working with Precise, by installing the following .deb:

    Terminal command to run the software, or if you want to make a menu link, is scangearmp.

    However, (the best way for GUI users) Scan Gear is also conveniently accessible through GIMP by default - File > Create > ScanGear MP. So make sure you have GIMP installed, then all you have to do is ignore the warning that ScanGear isn't recognizing the scanner (assuming you've already got it turned on and broadcasting wirelessly) then click "Update Scanner List" and it will detect the MX410 scanner. That's it. Wireless scanning on Ubuntu with MX410.

    Very easy. Hope that helps. Hurray for Canon for supporting Ubuntu!

    I didn't have to install the MX410 printer drivers in 12.04, as they seem to be included with Ubuntu now, as the MX410 now works out of the box. I only needed to install ScanGear to get wireless scanning to work.
    Thank you for this post. I can now scan wirelessly too. Your help has been greatly appreciated.

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    Re: HOW TO: Install Canon Pixma mx410 wireless printer

    This thread is closed.

    The information is now held on the community wiki at

    Thank you for your thread and the work you have done in keeping it current and of use to the community.

    A thread for discussion of the wiki can be found at

    Support threads regarding the wiki and it's content should be created in a suitable forum.

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