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Thread: Unable to enable third monitor.

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    Unable to enable third monitor.

    I have an HP ProBook 6550b plugged into a docking station. I have Ubuntu 11.04 Natty 64-bit installed on it. The docking station has three monitor inputs, and I have two monitors. The graphics adapter reads as, "0:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)" and the HP site simply lists the Intel card for this machine as "Intel HD Graphics (integrated)."
    I was hoping to have a three-monitor setup, with my two external monitors and the laptop monitor. However, I am only able to get two working at a time. When I run gnome-display-properties and enable a third monitor, the display properties freezes up for a while and then comes back with the settings exactly how they where when I pressed the Apply button, but the third monitor not enable.
    It doesn't matter what combination I use. I can enable any two a time, but any third monitor I try to add gives me this behavior.
    About thirty seconds after gnome-display-properties comes back I get a desktop notification that says.:
    "The selected configuration for displays could not be applied ..."
    Is this a limitation of the graphics card, or a limitation of Ubuntu?
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