Hello everyone, I'm here looking for help on a grave issue in my laptop regarding ubuntu

I had to replace my HD because it started to fail, here's a report on hdtune:

And my disk partitioning:

Along with my SMART report on ubuntu:

First HD i had when I bought the laptop, in windows 7, login was way too long delayed and started to show service errors on start with "!" messages, it was impossible to use it. Then i searched about load/unload cycles that were too many in my the report and they were associated with HD physical clicks but these clicks aren't my case (it's quiet). Is somehow power management on ubuntu wearing down my disk or the subsequent writings on var/log* files every 30 seconds (my guess)? I really like ubuntu and I hang out a lot on it... but now I don't know what to do.. Warranty won't last forever :S

I hope someone can help in this issue (sorry for the big pics)