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    Cool Window Tabs

    When i use any os i like to open all kind of software or windows at the same time, to use os like that i need to see opened software tabs, but in ubuntu i can not find how to enable tabs. To use it i need to minimize windows to see other tuning aps and that is not convenient
    is there a way to enable tabs in ubuntu
    Sorry for my stupid questions i am really new to this

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    Re: Window Tabs

    Try using screenshots to help illustrate your issue. All you have to do is push 'print-screen', save them to your desktop and upload them as attachments. What version are you using?

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    Re: Window Tabs

    It sounds like you are using Unity.

    Try this:

    1) Log out

    2) Look at the bottom of the screen, and find the pull-down (pull-up?) tab that says "Ubuntu"

    3) Switch it to "Ubuntu Classic"

    4)Log back in

    Problem solved

    If you end up wanting to make Ubuntu Classic your default session, just don't touch the tab, and it will stay on it when you log in next time.

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    Re: Window Tabs

    wow easy as that thank you
    I love Ubuntu community you guys are great

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