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Thread: Installation failed!?

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    Installation failed!?

    Dear friends!

    I have a question,

    I try to get Ubuntu as the only operation system on my Dell Dimension 9200 system.

    But, everytime i get the next error, perform "grub-install/dev/sda 'failed.

    What to do?

    I had heard that you should disable virus protection of your bios, I have been looking for it. But I can not find it.

    Does anyone have tips?

    I have a Dell Dimension 9200 system with no operating system on this moment.


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    Re: Installation failed!?

    Hi, welcome to the fora.

    You could try to erase the hard drive with Killdisk as described here
    and install again after that.

    Please post the error messages, if you get any.
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