O.K. here's the problem, my music folder is 31.2gigs. I know I have duplicates there. To make it even harder, some will only have slightly different file names(space/underscore/dot). Add to that some are old 128bit and newer 320bit copies. Top it off with some ogg and sprinkle a few flac on top and you have the mess that is my music folder.

Did a little goggling and searching here on the forums. Seems like all the replies I have found only detect by file names. I need something that will do a similarity search on the names and also check the tag data. Also something that will only remove them from the program library won't be much help.


P.S. 64bit would be nice, but I'll take a 32bit only option if it comes to it.
P.P.S. If the answer turns out to be the snake that would have bit me, I'll gladly trade my apologises for a quick link.