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Thread: Photo and MP3 player

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    Photo and MP3 player

    Hi folks I am new to Linux (and hence Ubuntu), so new I have yet to build the PC. I have been using PCs since the 80's - Windows, DOS and even 'GEM' (not Macs).

    The idea I have is to build a pc on Ubuntu platform to play music and view pictures through the TV / hifi.
    Once set up the only display would be the TV (via HDMI) - controlled by a wireless keyboard/mouse.
    The photos and music are currently held on a NAS (actually a QNAP) - where they would remain.
    My requirements would be -
    Music - to search by artist or title or album or genre, and play either individually or from a preselected playlist. {MP3 organised in iTunes}
    Photos - to search by tagged information - such as location, event, people, etc, and either display individually, or as a slideshow. I dont need to edit/tag the photos that will be done previously (in Windows 'cos I am familiar with that)

    So questions -
    1) Is it possible? - Fairly sure it should be.
    2) Which software app(s) would I need. Presumably different for music and photos.
    3) Best display card to use with HDMI output.

    You may ask why HDMI - two reasons - the TV has a spare HDMI input, and I may expand it later to include playing Blueray discs.

    Many thanks for assisting a complete Ubuntu novice.


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    Re: Photo and MP3 player

    1. Yes
    2. The default apps will do it, but there is plenty of choice
    3. Don't know

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