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Thread: Free Online Processing Course For Beginners

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    Free Online Processing Course For Beginners

    Processing is a free and open source software development environment (IDE) for creating visually oriented java based "sketches" amongst many other fields of application such as physical computing and software development for the Android platform. Processing also runs on several different operating systems including Ubuntu/Linux, windows and mac.
    "An Introduction to Programming with Processing" is a free online course for those wanting to learn the fundamental concepts of programming in higher level languages and can be accessed online or downloaded for free in various packages, including versions for students and educators. I encourage anyone wanting to learn how to represent visually oriented data, programmatically, to utilize this free online learning resource.
    Furthermore, in order to help new-comers overcome the difficulties associated with learning how to program I am also offering free lecturer assistance via email to celebrate the launch of this course. Please read the Online Course Outline for further details.
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    Re: Free Online Processing Course For Beginners

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