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Thread: Gufw & icmp

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    Re: Gufw & icmp

    Quote Originally Posted by cariboo907 View Post
    The problem with Firestarter is that most users use it to monitor the firewall, which needs to be run as root, which could be a security problem. If users just used the gui to set firewall rules, then shut it down, there wouldn't be a problem.

    yeah i understand that, i am purely providing a direct answert to his question which is a GUI for ICMP filtering.

    LIke i said there are other ways to achive his goals i just think Firestarter provides his need very easily.

    I personally dont use it, (have done historically) for running as root, i am an elitist i am afraid and think along the lines of, if you dont know why or what or how then dont
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    Re: Gufw & icmp

    firestarter bugs will not be fixed===> launchpad

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    Re: Gufw & icmp

    Quote Originally Posted by haqking View Post
    Well all respect meant for the staff member.

    GUFW is not doing what he wants it to, firestarter will. so ?
    With all due respect, please do not advise software that is no longer maintained.

    gufw / ufw are the defaults, and the fix is a "simple" edit to a configuration file, not much more difficult then copy / paste.

    If you want to advise a graphical interface , use one that is at least maintained, and be prepared to debug conflicts you create with ufw / gufw.

    Honestly, IMO, firestarter should be removed from the repos. It is no longer maintained and it conflicts with ufw / gufw, so it is not as straght forward as "install firestarter".
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