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Thread: Disable Firefox Update

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    Re: Disable Firefox Update

    I don't use FF at ALL & wld like to remove it. The last time I did, however, my Chromium had "issues" w/ bookmarks & passwords. I "lost" both.

    Is there a way to remove it w/out causing a prob?

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    Re: Disable Firefox Update

    Quote Originally Posted by lovinglinux View Post
    To avoid issues with web sites that doesn't recognize your browser, use User Agent Switcher.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thanks for your advice but it doesn't help me.

    I cannot use User Agent Switcher for any of the cases that I mentioned. In the case of the webpage, it has nothing to to with the page declining my browser version, it is some technical issue due to which an alert shows everytime I click a link, saying "you have chosen to open ....aspx", instead of opening the link. I was in touch with the webpage support and they say it is an error in Ubuntu/Firefox 8.

    In the other case, in order to identify myself online I need to donload a special program through my bank. If I use User Agent Switcher to fool the system that I am using Internet Explorer, then it will give me a .exe version of the program, which I then cannot install on my system.

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    Re: Disable Firefox Update

    I also have an issue with the new Firefox as my Zotero literature citation manager plugin is not yet working (is incompatible) with the new version of Firefox.

    Therefore I downgraded via Synaptic and I've also just learned how to "lock version" using the Synaptic package manager as well. 'Could be very useful in the future for all sorts of things, or maybe not, but I'm going to share the mojo with you.

    Open Synaptic package manager.

    Search for the Firefox package and highlight it.

    Downgrade, if you haven't already, by clicking on Package --> Force Version --> <select the version you want>

    Then "Apply Changes" and approve of the changes being applied.

    Then -- and you might be able to do this beforehand, but I'm not sure -- highlight the "firefox" package again and go to Package --> Lock Version. That is, check the box to lock the version. You may also need to click on "Apply Changes."

    Voila! No more annoying prompts to update Firefox to the latest version.

    Regarding security updates, however, I think we're SOL. The only thing we can do, so far as I know, is wait for our beloved plugins to catch up with a newer version of Firefox.

    'Hope this has helped.


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    Re: Disable Firefox Update

    thanks @Nopposan.
    I had exactly the same problem with Zotero, and solved this issue by downgrading as described in your post... thanks!

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    Re: Disable Firefox Update

    Quote Originally Posted by gsoundsgood View Post
    thanks @Nopposan.
    I had exactly the same problem with Zotero, and solved this issue by downgrading as described in your post... thanks!
    The citation manager plugin is one thing, I can't speak for that, but for those people who experience Zotero (the main add-on itself) crashes in 10, downgrading is not the best option. The better solution is to switch to the official Mozilla build of Firefox 10 using the Ubuntuzilla project.

    The advantage of this is that
    1) it allows you to use Zotero 3. If you do a pinned downgrade you will be forever stuck on version 2, because 3 is never coming to Firefox 9, as far as I know.
    2) more importantly you get security updates for Firefox this way.
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    Re: Disable Firefox Update

    Thank you Nopposan, that is exactly what I needed. My corporate vpn pluging struggles with the new versions. This allowed me to lock in the version that I have the most success.

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