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Thread: Advice for tablet ubuntu distro

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    Advice for tablet ubuntu distro

    Hello, I have decided to begin making a tablet version of Ubuntu, and of course it would be fie for regular computers.

    It will have different default apps like VLC, Chrome, Pidgin and GIMP, (Is it legal to have Wine preinstalled?) as well as finger friendly buttons and defaults.

    So please! Tell me a ton of stuff to go through, and ideas! As well as legal junk, how to package it, how to distribute it, how to license, etc.

    and it needs a name...

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    Smile Re: Advice for tablet ubuntu distro

    Name: Tabuntu
    Features: use existing software center, but try to use different environment. try enlightenment desktop enviorment. Bhodi linux does this:

    be sure to make it so that desktop apps work on te tablet OS, such as Blender. that would be useful for 3d brush stuff.

    MAKE IT FAST! without speed, tablet PC apps are nothing.
    MAKE IT SMALL! tablets usually do not have much space, try to make it 2-3gb MAX.
    if you can, make the home screen use widgets like in Kubuntu.

    P.S. if you need help, i'D be happy to, i personally want to buy a tablet and install ubuntu on it.
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    Re: Advice for tablet ubuntu distro

    So this is an old thread, but was browsing around and found it. I like the name Tabuntu!
    Many tablets have room for micro-SD cards for more memory on top of the tablet's built in HD. It'd be really nifty for the tablet distro to be installed on the micro-SD!

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    Re: Advice for tablet ubuntu distro

    Digging up ancient topics without completely revolutionizing the old idea is bad behaviour in the forum culture. Please don't do that.

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