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Thread: Saving Streaming Videos in /tmp

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    Saving Streaming Videos in /tmp

    A while I back I read that one can find copies of streaming videos in /tmp, but there was a sequence to follow of closing browsers, videos and directories.

    Could someone tell me what that is?

    I've tried watching some youtube videos, then going to /tmp only to find nothing.


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    Re: Saving Streaming Videos in /tmp

    It no longer works that way. If you use firefox, I suggest getting the Video Download Helper add on. Works great. If you use something else, just search for add ons and you'll find something.

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    Re: Saving Streaming Videos in /tmp

    With every upgrade it seems to me that Ubuntu is looking more like WINDOWS. Also the answers on this forum are getting to syplistic, You may be an expert, but the rest of the world is not. (where do you find this add on? What are the steps to download and install this fix?)

    Well maybe is me. I am sorry. But, everytime I think I got my Ubuntu computer running ok. Here comes another upgrade and I have to start from scratch.

    Please could some one think of the less guifted techs of the world?

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