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Thread: How to reference my file

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    Question How to reference my file

    Hi there.

    I create a program on Java that read my File.log this is made in windows. And to look the file i reference like this in my DB PostgreSQL "C://Example//Documents//Archivo.log" .. now im doing the same but in Ubuntu when i reference my file "//home//Example//workspace//Archivo.log " .. it doesn't found it in ubuntu.

    My question is how is the right way to reference my file to find it in ubuntu.

    I hope i can made my self clear. Sorry for my bad english.

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    Re: How to reference my file

    It may be because you have double "/", when you only need one. Try again with
    Also, run the command
    locate Archivo.log
    and check that the file path it outputs is /home/example/workspace/Archivo.log. If it outputs a different file path, substitute that file path.
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