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Thread: Samsung Series 5 Chromebook on Ubuntu?

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    Re: Samsung Series 5 Chromebook on Ubuntu?

    My Ubuntu 10.04 install and all the software I need toped out at 5.3GB. So 16gb ssd is plenty for me.

    I sent my Samsung series 5 Chromebook back today for refund.

    It cant bootup on a live USB, and installing Ubuntu is a PAIN to do.

    The bios will not allow Ubuntu.

    Im not interested in living on a cloud... the hardware was sweet, but no sale.

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    Re: Samsung Series 5 Chromebook on Ubuntu?

    In a couple of mins, I managed to dual-boot ubuntu using the instructions on this web page (no USB hassle -- requires only internet connection):

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Samsung Series 5 Chromebook on Ubuntu?

    Just installed 12.04 on Samsung 550 4gb chromebook following the instructions here:

    Apparently this script will also work with older Samsung Chromebooks. Thought I'd post in case anyone else thinking about it.

    Generally very easy to install, and Ubuntu is so fast on this machine it's untrue, 10 second boot etc. Great battery life, nice design, good value. Loving it!

    Only downsides thus far - small SSD, quirky keyboard (no "delete" key, two-finger click instead of right click) and the WiFi connection looks slow [1Mb/s - though in reality seems very fast and smooth).

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