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Thread: Second hard drive not showing up.

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    Second hard drive not showing up.

    Alright. So recently I've been having computer trouble and need to clean install my OS on my main Hard Drive. That normally wouldn't be a problem but there's some stuff on my main hard drive that I really don't want to part with, SOOO I figured I'd pick up a new HD and OS and move the files I want to keep before clean installing. I have my new HD installed and everything and it even shows up as a option in the boot menu. I'm currently running Ubuntu from a Flash Drive but only my old hard drive will show up. How can I access my other HD?

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    Re: Second hard drive not showing up.

    You need to format (if new) and mount the drive before you can use it.

    Does the version of Ubuntu you're running from the flash drive have disk utility?
    System->Administration->Disk Utility (in Gnome)

    If not, is gparted installed?

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