(08:01:23 PM) skellat: Alrighty. Ready and waiting for the start.
(08:01:49 PM) jacob: /here
(08:02:54 PM) Unit193: I'm here for a bit...
(08:07:50 PM) Cheri703: ok, so I have no idea if gilbert__ is around, but I guess I can sort of get things started
(08:09:06 PM) Cheri703: can anyone else who is here for the meeting pipe up so we can see who all is around?
(08:10:25 PM) ***BiosElement waves
(08:10:25 PM) Cheri703: hmm, ok
(08:10:32 PM) BiosElement: Real popular meeting
(08:10:39 PM) jacob:
(08:10:45 PM) jgould [~jgould@cpe-98-28-26-239.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:11:38 PM) Cheri703: Well, first order of business was to sort of get a spot check on IF there are actually reloco leads, and if various areas are having ubuntu-hours and meetups and such
(08:12:06 PM) Cheri703: it looks like canthus13 and I are the only reloco leads here (if he's around), so I can't really ask any of the listed ones
(08:12:27 PM) Cheri703: Anyone who is here and in an area that does NOT have a lead/reloco happening?
(08:12:42 PM) jacob: maybe ping them over email, check up on things and whatnot
(08:12:55 PM) Cheri703: yeah, will do, just was hoping to catch them here
(08:13:55 PM) canthus13: I'm kind of around.
(08:14:31 PM) Cheri703: np
(08:14:33 PM) Cheri703: ok, moving on: Hopefully within the next month or so, there will be some changes coming to the website. Among the planned changes are making it more "newbie friendly" new to the LoCo at least. If anyone has any suggestions for the site, please send them to the list or to me directly, as I'm going to be working on it.
(08:15:39 PM) Cheri703: anyone have any thoughts/suggestions off the top of their head?
(08:15:52 PM) Cheri703: things you'd like to see added/removed/changed?
(08:16:23 PM) canthus13: Not really...
(08:16:27 PM) Cheri703: ok
(08:16:27 PM) ***canthus13 eyeballs the site.
(08:16:28 PM) skellat: We need to integrate the forum more easily into the site
(08:16:43 PM) Cheri703: thank you skellat, I knew there was something about forums that I wanted to mention...
(08:17:18 PM) canthus13: That would be nice.... of course, if more people frequent the forum, we'll get yelled at for being off-topic.
(08:17:30 PM) Cheri703: I want to solicit the list (and probably the forum) for someone to be a liaison between the list and the forum. Someone who can sort of update between the two, if that makes sense
(08:18:00 PM) Cheri703: even a "this week's new topics in the forum" email each week, or linking to the list archive or something
(08:18:06 PM) Cheri703: just to keep things on the radar for both groups
(08:18:11 PM) jacob: +1
(08:18:17 PM) skellat: For that we need more than just the openbox-desktop thread active
(08:18:20 PM) canthus13: The forum is pretty much dead.... I wonder if there is a way to pipe a weekly list digest to the forum, though...
(08:18:52 PM) Cheri703: anyone want to jump in and take the lead on figuring out options for that?
(08:18:52 PM) jacob: the forums used to have some really nice mailing-list <-> forum tunnel that would automatically crosspost, but that feature isn't returning soon
(08:19:18 PM) jacob: not at least until the vB4 upgrade
(08:19:21 PM) skellat: jacob: Why not?
(08:19:48 PM) Unit193: I have seen IRC bots that update from forum posts... (Not what we need though...)
(08:20:01 PM) jacob: skellat: software issues. it caused load problems, and I believe it's no longer maintained for vBulletin 3. would have to ask FC for details
(08:21:05 PM) skellat: I suggest we defer action on the forums while the question is put to The Forum Council about software capabilities
(08:21:28 PM) Cheri703: ok, skellat, would you take responsibility for asking the forum council?
(08:21:46 PM) skellat: Cheri703: Yes. I'll copy the High Council on my query.
(08:21:53 PM) Cheri703: ok, thanks
(08:22:46 PM) jacob: ping me if you don't get a response on it; i'll poke some people
(08:22:54 PM) skellat: jacob: Understood.
(08:22:57 PM) Cheri703: so that is pretty much all I had as far as specific items to cover tonight. Any questions, comments, thoughts, suggestions from anyone about the LoCo in general?
(08:23:22 PM) skellat: I will post the log to the forum, the list, and push a PDF down the podcast feed
(08:23:31 PM) Cheri703: great, thanks skellat
(08:23:54 PM) jacob: Cheri703: you mentioned redirecting some of the website to the wiki, anything for now? or hold on that a bit
(08:24:14 PM) Cheri703: jacob: we can discuss that at some point when gilbert__ is around, he had thoughts on that
(08:24:57 PM) Cheri703: I will give a quick update on the Mansfield ReLoCo: we have been having ubuntu hours every two weeks since January (pretty much), and we lately had a spike in attendance (thanks in large part to skrappjaw discovering us and bringing friends), and have had at least 5 people at the last several meetings, and more on occasion.
(08:24:58 PM) jacob: sounds good
(08:25:11 PM) jacob: good, good
(08:26:17 PM) Cheri703: ok, if no one else has anything to share? I think that's it...
(08:26:40 PM) jacob: and OLF news?
(08:27:00 PM) jacob: i think itsafork was working on heading that up before, just curious if there's anything new
(08:27:06 PM) Cheri703: I have no clue
(08:27:14 PM) jacob: hehe
(08:27:24 PM) Cheri703: I haven't spoken to itsafork for a while...I will make sure info gets posted to the list as we get updates
(08:28:21 PM) Cheri703: ok, meeting adjourned